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Second Day of the Senate General Session
The fifteenth general session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan continued its work on August 29, 2014.



Senate of Uzbekistan’s Oliy Majlis Convenes for 15th General Session
Senate of Uzbekistan’s Oliy Majlis Convenes for 15th General Session

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the SENATE of the OLIY MAJLIS of the REPUBLIC of

Welcome Address by Mr. Ilgizar Sobirov, Chairman of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Uzbek Top Senator Ilgizar Sobirov

Dear friends!
As you know, a little more than two years ago Uzbekistan reached another important milestone on the way to laying the foundations of civil society and accomplishing priority tasks in the sphere of state-related institutional construction - parliamentary reforms facilitating the transition of the Oliy Majlis from a unicameral system to a bicameral one.
We can proudly say that in January 2005 a truly professional parliament was established in our country. It has drawn from the experience of national parliamentarism as well as that of other countries and taken the best elements and new trends in the system of bicameral models of existing supreme legislative bodies. The key components of these important reforms in our country are the following:

  • Aspiring to improve an institution of the state power and management by fully supporting constitutional principles such as division of power, «checks and balances»;
  • imparting quality and dynamics to the activity of the supreme legislative body, thus strengthening its role in society;
  • maintaining closer and continuous relations between elected representatives and all sections of our society;
  • maintaining stability, interregional consensus and territorial integrity as well as the development of parliamentary relations and cooperation with friendly foreign states;
  • ensuring a balancedand consistent approach to market transformations in all regions of Uzbekistan.

As soon as a bicameral parliament was in operation in Uzbekistan, the supreme legislative power began to broadly represent the interests of different groups of society. The Parliament has been taking an even, wellbalanced and predictable approach to improve the existing legal environment. However there are still many problems to be resolved. Being a state body, it is obvious that the parliament is also an institution of civil society, and it has to observe the universal principles of rule of law, democracy and the principles of market economy.
The reforms meant that the bicameral parliament of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan were able to influence other branches of power, exercise control and, when necessary, modify the government’s policy line.
Reinforcement parliamentary control including financial control is a distinctive feature of the lawmaking process at this stage along with its increased quantitative and qualitative parameters. Control exercised by parliament is a typical feature of legal states which make good use of this important instrument of the highest democratic power. In our country these tools are used to facilitate the progress of the country and improve the well-being of citizens. There is no doubt that the support of progressive transformations and economic reforms also imply that the parliament performs its legislative functions as well as exercising control. The need for a comprehensive national approach and to provide and maintain a direct link and feedback with all regions, led the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan to adopt a Special Programme of Actions on parliamentary control and oversight which operates in the following way: Senate Committees – Standing commissions of Kengashes of the regions – bodies of the executive branch at district level. Here, senators face a number of complex tasks, the most important one being, setting up a reliable and permanent interaction mechanism with deputies of local Kengashes.
The upper chamber of Parliament also passed a special resolution with the aim to encourage the effective regulation of regional development, facilitate cooperation between representative bodies at a local level and respond effectively to new challenges.

It is worth pointing out that the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan has increased the functions and competencies of the legislative branch of power, improved the quality of laws by means of better «filtration» of laws through an in-depth and circumstantial analysis. Within the intra-parliamentary system, the upper chamber, being an active part of the legislative process, but having no power to introduce a bill, plays an important role as a «deterrent» which ensures predictability and consistency in implementing strategic components of the national policy, and guarantees the stability and continuity of power as well as a safeguard from political conjecture.
The upper chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan conducts its business on the basis of the Complex Plan for the period of current convocation (2005-2009) which was been worked out on the basis of priority directions and key issues of the country, outlined by Islam Karimov, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in his speech «Our main objective is democratization and the renewal of society, reforming and modernization of our country» delivered at the joint session of both chambers of the Oliy Majlis on 28th of January 2005.

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